Member Since: 1993
Chief 30 Since: 2004

Since taking on the roll of Fire Chief Jonathan has overseen several new initiatives for the company including the purchase of a new heavy rescue unit, successfully obtaining several large grants for equipment replacement and upgrades, and currently is chair of the county emergency services officers association. Other offices previously held include Lt. 32

Member Since: 1996
Assistant Chief 30 Since: 2012

Michael has served in various positions during his career with the company, most currently as Assistant Chief 30. As Assistant Chief Michael is responsible for keeping track of all the incident run reports. Michael also assists with the administration of the company's EMS program and working with new EMTs as they work to become released with the company. Michael is a second generation firefighter. Other offices previously held include Capt 30, Lt. 31 and Lt. 32

Member Since: 1996
Captain 30 Since: 2015

Michael has served in both Lieutenants positions perviously and is now serving as Captian.

Member Since: 2001
Lieutenant 31 Since: 2015

Lieutenant 32 Since: 2017

Ronnie is our newest Line Officer. Ronnie volunteered with us for a few years before serving in the military. Once he completed his tour of duties he returned back to the Valley and volunteering. In 2017 he was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant.